Rates and general terms and conditions


If you live around the minimum wage, there is the possibility of a payment plan. Please feel free to contact me about this.

- If you cancel a session, treatment or workshop within 24 hours, the full amount will be charged.  

- In the event of an acute injury or illness, and in the event of severe pain from you or your pet, I will always refer you to a (veterinary) doctor! Additional treatment on a holistic basis may be possible after consultation.

- All amounts include VAT, unless stated otherwise.

- Rates are valid until July 31st 2020.

- Consults for humans and animals

  per hour

  single half hour


 € 77,-


 Bankaccount  Adain Holistic Healing

             NL 83 TRIO  0338 9160 59 

- Groeps session: Shamanic Trance journey, meditation (one-off or course )& workshops

on request

€ 44,-- 

- Individual  meditation training 4 x 1 hour

€ 144,-

- Intuïtive reading tarot & oracle cards

  per spread


Payments can be done on the following account.

For extra information please read:  Reimbursements


                       Donations are very welcome! 

In this way Adain can also provide support to those who have little to spent.

Weekly meditation gathering

€13,-  ( of 4 x €10,-)

 session by phone  

per 15 minutes

€ 22,-

Adain Holistic Healing

Wilp Gld.  Kvk 71141812