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Experiences with Adain

I was looking for peace and quiet, without talking and not having to listen or respond.

I was looking for a moment to not be 'on'.

I was looking for insights that contribute to a renewed perspective.

I found all this in a consultation with Karin.

Lying on a comfortable treatment table, I received her treatment in silence.

After waking up I experienced the power of her healing and the benefit of inner peace that came over me.

Thank you Karin.



5 stars

Life sometimes brings sudden changes as I experienced after a serious bicycle accident. I have received support and love and healing from Karin, but also insight. Everything has a deeper meaning.

G. Iepema

5 stars

Very interesting for those who want to grow.

P. Frederiks

Performing miracles in dementia
Three weeks after Karin's advice to start working with CBD oil for my seriously demented 84-year-old mother-in-law, she also received a short healing session from Karin.
My mother-in-law lives in a protected house from 'Daily Life' and does not use medication, and we as a family experienced more and more fear and aggression in her and less and less contact and communication.
After the short session of perhaps half an hour in total, the care provider and we (the family) gradually noticed more relaxation and more control over how she still wants and can indicate how she wants things in her life. After all, she is a healthy soul in a deteriorated body with serious memory problems.
Karin has also given extensive advice on how we can deal with this phenomenon better, so that we do not make the mistake of treating demented people as children in a diaper, who need to be cared for under force and medication. But in a different calm and respectful and humorous way, it turns out that even our mother works miracles on her good days. The healthcare stay also confirmed this progress.
She can lie in bed for two days and not want anything, no care, no hygiene, no food and hardly anything to drink and no conversation, everyone is sent away. And the third day she invites you to the edge of her bed because she wants to talk and dress and eat.... the curtains can be opened again and she is back.
After months of isolation, my mother-in-law is less afraid due to Karin's advice and treatments and she dares to show herself more and laughs again. And she may also be herself during her bad days. Very respectful.

SB '62

Had a burnout last year. To overcome this, I followed an individual mindfulness training with Karin. This has brought me a lot of peace and taught me to live in the here and now. Guidance from Karin was particularly pleasant.

M. Mulder '84

I recently visited Adain because I didn't really know which path I wanted to take, I was too busy in my head and I was also looking for some guidance in breathing exercises.

Upon receipt I immediately felt at ease with Karin. She radiates peace and you can freely talk about what is bothering you.

She told me about her way of working, so that I knew a bit about what to expect.

The 'body scan' was performed in a relaxing room.

Afterwards Karin told me what she experienced; about the blockages in my body, etc. What this could mean, how I can let go of old things and feel what I want again.

Finally, we did some breathing exercises together. Due to stress I often breathed incorrectly. Karin gave me tips on how to breathe through my belly again.

I experienced the appointment as pleasant! It has helped me one step further.

I can recommend Adain to you. Karin helps you listen to your body, get out of your head and feel from your heart again!


Marloes '87

5 stars

Karin is a very sweet woman with an extraordinary gift. She has a big heart and uses her gift to help both people and animals.

It is difficult to explain exactly what she does to you, but her treatment has made me feel much better about myself.

She took away a lot of tension from me and provided tools after the treatment that I found useful.

Ingrid '74

Karin occasionally gives a meditation workshop at the Self-management Center Deventer and our visitors are very happy with her. The visitors indicated that they felt relaxed during the meditation, and the atmosphere was also experienced as very pleasant. We are very happy with Karin and her way of working.

The participants immediately indicated that they wanted to participate more often in the meditation workshops.

L. Stan Self-management center / Friends services Deventer

Karin is very knowledgeable, pleasant and loving in her dealings with our dog.

He is calm, happy and balanced when he is with Karin or when Karin has worked with him. Karin always has an eye for details and for his well-being.

This applies to both behavior and health and nutrition.

I. Meeusen

Karin, how nice,  how you help me to really feel again,

through my resistance, loving, confrontational, but always with a gentle hand.

And no matter how difficult it is for me, I always feel your support!

HL '73

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