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Spiritual awakening; the path to a higher, more loving level of consciousness



* How do I become the happiest and healthiest version of myself?

* Dealing with pain, stress and difficult situations; regulating emotions and toxic thoughts

* Breath and body work; the gateway to awareness

* Learning to recognize and transform unhealthy, limiting patterns

* What is energy; about the energetic frequencies, masculine vs. feminine energy

* Fear vs. Love; from emotional love, limitation and lack to Unconditional Love and the experience

   of freedom and abundance

* The Ego and the earthly personality vs. the cosmic Soul perspective, your higher Self

* The chakras and kundalini / life energy; about the connection between spirituality, sensuality and sexuality

* Intergenerational trauma: about healing trauma and limiting beliefs that have been passed on for generations

* Illness, disability and crisis in a different light; the hidden power within the pain

* Nature as a guide and healer. Working with natural rhythms, power animals and plant spirit

* Developing and learning to utilize your spiritual potential: from HSP to clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance

* In connection with your (pet) animal; energetic mirroring, energy harmonization, intuitive/telepathic communication

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