In harmony with your animal



An innovative training in mindful communication with your dog.

Do you experience difficult situations with the behavior of your dog?
Pulling on the leash, disobedience, walking away, aggressive or over-dominant behavior, difficulty with being home alone, or anxiety?
Not knowing how to deal with this often results in reactions that only worsen the situation, and therefore cause unnecessary stress for both humans and animals.
In this process you learn to look more consciously at yourself and your animal. You learn a deeper understanding of bodylanguage and energy, how dogs perceive.
By also acquainting yourself with various techniques, you will discover how you can easily and quickly transform undesired situations and harmonize the bond with your animal. This eliminates the stress, and you and your dog friend can optimally enjoy each other again! This is not about wanting to change the behavior of the dog through teaching tricks or using aids or coercion. This is about you, and to step into your strength and positive leadership energy. The dog, whose nature is to mirror, will automatically adjust its behavior when presented this new energy and signals. Difficulties will instantly disappear.
Moreover, the insights and skills that you acquire in this healing process are also very valuable and practically applicable in other facets of your life, such as relationships, carreer and overall wellbeing.




















Topics such as:  


*   Mindfulness

*   Gentle leadership

*   Mirroring with your animal

*   Energy harmonization

*   Trust and connect

*   Dog language and non-violent communication

*   Intuitive communication

*   Physical and emotional balance


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