Would you like to discover what meditation can do for you? How it's not boring, 'floaty' or difficult at all? And how it can help you deal with difficult emotions and thoughts, and how you can get more in your personal power through regular meditation?
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Shamanic Trance Journey

A Shamanic Trance Journey is a beautiful, adventurous way of meditating / visualizing. In a trance journey you get into a deep state of relaxation through using your senses, in which you travel further and further to areas in your subconscious. In this process you will be guided layer by layer. In this way a beautiful experience of images, sounds, sensations, feelings and smells unfolds automatically. Creative visualization is a proven and healing method to gain more insight in yourself. What are your motives and goals, where are there blockages, and what do you need to achieve your goals and fullfill your dreams?

The trance journeys are available for both individuals as groups.


* energy, energetic frequencies and the emotional scale as your inner GPS

* how do I become the best version of myself?

* dealing with triggers such as stress and pain, with self or others

* the kundalini energy; awareness, spiritual autonomy and your social and ecological footprint

* nature as guide and healer

* the process of creating and manifesting

* from duality to oneness 

For the group trainings / workshops, shamanic trance journeys and meditation meetings applies, just like for the individual sessions, they are carefully attuned  to the age (children / young people / adults), composition and perception of the group.

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