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 Adain  Holistic Healing

Healing, Inspiration & Awareness

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Welcome to


I guide you towards more relaxation, joy & empowerment!

It is my mission to help you reconnect with your body and emotions.

I would like to take you on an inner journey where you can rediscover your life energy

and essence, and start experiencing your true Self again.

This way you become more aware of who you really are; what your deepest needs and

desires are, and where your passion and strength lies.

By consciously paying attention to your body, you will also be able to detect where you have stored traumas ; emotional baggage that stands in the way of the happy life you so much deserve! This baggage translates as tension, heaviness, pain and feeling blocked in parts of your body and your life.

​During each session you will receive loving and carefully tailored healing and care.


Healing & guidance

* for trauma / PTSD  (acute and intergenerational ), stress, pain, anxiety, chronic conditions, depression and burnout

* to support when dealing with high sensitivity (HSP), spiritual awakening and various major life changes


* for young and old


* from the practice, by telephone or online

* for physical and/or emotional issues of your pet, such as (chronic) conditions and pain, trauma, anxiety


* to remedy and for deepening the understanding of disturbed or undesirable behavior of your animal

Adain offers:

* individual quantum healing sessions
telephone consultations / online sessions
* breathing coaching & meditation training
* private yoga lessons
* Shamanic Trance Journeys (group & individual)

* pet consultations

Holistische visie

Holistic vision

The holistic way of seeing is about understanding how everything in and around us is connected.
The living and non-living. The visible and invisible. From cellular level to the great cosmic whole.

Everything is energy. Energy always has a certain charge, the energetic frequency.
Your body, your words and thoughts are also energy. How you experience and create your reality depends on the frequency of your thoughts
. Or so to speak, what wavelength you are on. How does that work?

A negative, fear-based thought creates a negative emotion, a lower frequency, that puts tension in your body. If you keep repeating this negative thought, it becomes a belief. On a physical level, this creates neurological connections/pathways that create habits and thus, like a cart track, become increasingly deeply ingrained. This pattern causes an increase of tension, which results in energetic blockages, preventing your energy from flowing freely.

You don't feel healthy and fit, your condition decreases and eventually illness develops.
This negative spiral also affects other areas in your life, such as work, relationships and finances, as you attract situations that match your energy.
Every form of pain, illness, stagnation, setback and crisis is a manifestation of a lack of free-flowing energy. This always requires the release of tension in some area.

However, many of our negative thoughts are unconscious. They are programmings from our childhood, or ideas that have been passed on from generation to generation, and that we have come to see as 'true', but that actually limit us.

Positive, loving thoughts, on the other hand, have a high energetic vibration and bring relaxation to the body
and mind, allowing the healing energy to flow freely again. You feel lighter, fitter and happier.

An animal is also an energetic unit; physical, mental, emotional and social well-being form an inseparable whole. Various factors influence the health of an animal, such as body structure, nutrition and living conditions. But the relationship with the owner, his general condition and the emotional environment also play a very important role. Animals naturally mirror the energy of their owner and the environment.
An animal in balance is able to adapt to circumstances due to its self-healing capacity. However, too much disruption between these factors causes issues, which is often first noticeable through a change in behavior.



Healing is suitable for everyone, and every session is unique, according to your wishes. During a session you can relax and experience how pain and stress disappear. Would you also like to learn how you can use your energy more consciously? Then I would like to introduce you to methods from the sources and healing methods below:



*Ayurveda    * Mindfulness     * Yoga (Hatha, Yin, Tibetan yoga) * Meditation

* Chakra healing * Kundalini activation * Egyptian tantra * Bach Flower Remedies   

* Acupressure * Healing sounds & frequencies *  Various trauma release techniques

A healing session is usually indoors, but a session in nature is also possible.

With the practical and simple methods you can learn to become more aware of your body, to feel emotions, that serve as your compass, and to recognize and let go of unhealthy patterns/tension. Not only will you feel more pleasure, strength and confidence in yourself, you will also discover that your possibilities extend much further than you ever thought. No longer at the mercy of circumstances, but independent and free in creating your dream life. Awakening to a completely new way of living!

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