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Welcome to Adain

We live in a 'fast' world with a lot of information, influences and expectations. As a result, we often feel lived by external conditions and less in contact with ourselves and nature, leaving us out of balance, lacking inner peace. This pressure can eventually lead to emotional and physical complaints, such as burnout, depression and chronic pain. However, more and more people feel that this lifestyle is no longer satisfying and desire a new way of living. Do you also feel the wish to live more from your heart?
I am happy to offer support in your process in discovering your true potential. The source in which everything you need and desire is present! By deeply connecting to this inner strength, you can learn to step out of your limiting comfortzone, and release fear and pain to create the free and abundant life of your dreams!


 Adain offers healing and guidance:

* with physical complaints such as chronic disorders, pain and fatigue.

* with psychological complaints such as stress, depression, burnout, anxiety disorders and addiction.

* when dealing with high-sensitivity, disruptions on social and relational level, and processes of healing, (trauma) processing, spiritual awareness and transformation.

* for young and old.


* with physical and / or emotional complaints from your pet, such as (chronic) disorders and pain, trauma, anxiety.

* when learning to understand and correct disturbed or undesirable behavior of your animal.  



Curious what Adain can offer in your situation? Please feel free to contact me!


What does Adain offer

- individual quantum healing sessions

 - sessions by phone

- meditation training / breathing coaching

- intuitive reading tarot / oracle cards

-shamanistic Trance Journey (individually or in a group)

- group trainings 

-consults for pets

During a session I offer healing (energetic transmission) to help stuck energy to flow freely again, so pain and stress will dissolve.

In addition, I can support and inspire you in your process. 

Through my clearly intuitive, trans-dimensional perception, I can attune myself carefully to you, your child or your animal. By the information I channel, I know what is happening on different levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. This way I can see what support is needed in the moment, and how I shape and dose the transmission / session, appropriate to the age, situation and perception of the client. This makes healing suitable for everyone, and every session is unique. If desired, I also offer various methods from different sources and natural remedies such as:

* Ayurveda   * Mindfulness   * Chakra healing / Kundalini activation    * Meditation / Yoga  

* Homeopathy   * Bach Flower remedies    * Acupressure   * Healing sounds, frequencies & subliminals     * Various trauma release techniques


Holistic vision 


During a session I work from a holistic vision. That means that I see people as  multi-dimensional beings, a physical, mental, emotional and energetic whole, inextricably linked to their environment.

Everything is Energy. And energy always has a certain charge, the energetic frequency. Your body, thoughts and words are also energy. Your inner world, your thoughts, feelings and inner dialogue always reflect in your physical world, your body and your environment. In other words, how you experience your physical reality depends on your inner energetic frequency.

How does that work?

A negative, fear-based thought creates a negative emotion, an lower frequency, that brings tension to your body. If you keep repeating this negative thought, it becomes a belief. Due to the constant negative vibration of this belief, the tension increases and blocks are formed, so that your energy can no longer flow freely. You are not feeling well, your condition is decreasing and eventually illness is manifested. This negative spiral also affects other areas in your life, such as work, relationships and finances. Ultimately each form of illness, stagnation, setbacks and crisis is a manifestation of lack of free flowing energy.
However, many of our negative thoughts are unconscious. They are programs from our youth or on a collective level, thought forms that we have passed on from generation to generation, and have come to see as 'true', when in fact they are limiting us. 

Positive and loving thoughts however, have a high energetic frequency and bring relaxation in body and mind, enabling the healing energy to flow freely again.


 I also see an animal as an energetic unit; physical, mental, emotional and social well-being form an inseparable whole. Various factors influence the health of an animal such as its constitution, the living conditions and nutrition. But the relationship with the owner, his general condition and the emotional environment also play an important role. Animals tend to mirror their owners, so when treating an animal I always pay attention to the energy of the animal, but also to the energy of its owner, and circumstances in the animals' direct environment.  An animal in balance is able to adapt to circumstances due to its self-healing ability. However, excessive disruption between these factors gives rise to complaints, often the first to be noticed by a change in behavior.



From the holistic point of view I work with the five nature-oriented principles, namely;
energy, stimulus transfer, drainage, nutrition and psyche.
Everything is energy. Your body, your words and thoughts are also energy.
From our natural state of relaxation and surrender (love), the energy can flow freely, and your self-healing capacity works optimally. When the energy flow is disrupted by blockages (fear), the stimulus transfer no longer works properly. You feel unbalanced. To remedy this, it is important not to suppress or numb the symptoms, but to use them as a guide to find the source of the imbalance. You can then consciously dispose and release it. Nutrition also plays an important role. In the form of food but also spiritual food in the form of thoughts, incentives and lifestyle. Choosing consciously what you take in. Does it feed you or burden you? To get in balance it is essential to allow yourself to feel your emotions. Your feelings are your compass. Negative feelings are an indication that you are working against yourself. Positive feelings confirm that you are moving in the direction that is beneficial for you.
In a session I offer healing and guidance. Usually we stay inside , but a session in nature is also possible. With practical and simple methods you learn to come into your body more consciously, to recognize and let go of unhealthy patterns, and to work consciously with your self-healing energy. This way you will not only feel more pleasure, strength and confidence in yourself, you will also discover that your potential extends far beyond what you once believed. No longer a victim of circumstances, but independent and free in creating your desired life.
Awaken to a whole new experience!


Adain Holistic Healing

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